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Hi! I am Len Lisewsky, Vice President of Sales and Founder of 3Q Sales Consulting. I Specialize in Fractional VP of Sales & 1:1 Sales Coaching

About Me

I have spent my entire 30 year career in the enterprise software / SaaS space in sales and sales management with the past 18 years in management and Sales VP roles. I have worked for several marque brands including Oracle, SAP, Siemens PLM, MSC Software(now Hexagon) Pega, and my most recent corporate role was Global VP of Sales at iBASEt. During my career, I have managed, led, and coached 100s of salespeople and been directly involved in over $1B in sales.Rapid revenue acceleration, business evolution, and building elite sales teams has been at the core of every management role I have held. My first sales management position was a was a role to build & transform a sales team from a group of tactical sellers to strategically selling business value/business outcomes at the executive level. The success in this role led to multiple promotions and then to a group at Oracle where I was hired to drive similar transformation. Starting at the peak of the great recession, my Oracle teams grew revenue 118% and 53%, and 38% in the first three years. iBASEt, a smaller company, tapped me to help evolve their global field sales team, which led to revenue growth of 200%.Early on in management, I figured out that the number one role of a sales manager, especially the first line sales manager, is to be a coach. A coach first mentality was a key to much of my management success. Coaching salespeople and coaching managers on how to coach. Coaching is my passion. I am also passionate about leading, building, transforming, or evolving sales organizations/ teams. Thus, my business is two-fold 1.) Fractional Vice President of Sales and 2.) 1:1 coaching of salespeople - primarily SaaS deal Strategy.Why the name 3Q sales consulting? 3Q because I have been typically able to help both companies and salespeople accelerate their sales growth within 3 quarters. If you are a company or an individual looking to accelerate your sales send me an email, give me a call or DM me on LinkedIn. I’d love to chat!Key Areas of Expertise- Fractional Vice President of Sales
- 1:1 SaaS Sales Coaching
- Revenue Acceleration
- Sales team build/rebuild
- Change agent, business turnaround and evolution
- Go to market & strategic business planning
- People and talent development
- Sales Process, Discipline, and methodology
- C-level/Sr. Executive selling and relationship building
- Consultative, Value & Outcome based selling
-Have managed North American, South American, and European based teams

Fractional VP of Sales

As a CEO, you know a skilled, experienced, and proven leadership team is critical to the success and growth plans of your company. However, hiring full time vice presidents can be a costly investment or an investment you are not ready to make, especially if you are a smaller organization.Have you considered a Fractional Vice President of Sales? A Fractional VP of Sales is an executive level sales leader with many years of successful experience who leads your sales organization and collaborates with your executive team with the goal of accelerating your revenue growth plans. They either work on a weekly part time basis for a unspecified period(typically) or on a full-time basis for a defined period.The concept of a Fractional Executive has been around for several decades. However, the use of Fractional Sales Vice Presidents, along with other types of Fractional executives, has rocketed the past few years as the model of work, full time v. part time, remote v. office continues to be re-imagined. Downward pressures in the current economy are also playing a part in the shift towards Fractional. Fractional Sales Vice Presidents is the fastest growing area among the types of fractional executives.Why hire me as your Fractional Sales Vice President?As your Fractional Sales VP I will substantially impact your business in the following areas:• Revenue Growth – Accelerating your revenue growth plans, increasing average deal size and shortening sales cycles. Usually within 3 quarters.
• Go-to-Market - Collaborating with the CEO and executive team on GTM strategy
• Outside Perspective – I will bring a fresh and outside perspective, helping you see gaps and opportunities.
• Change Agent, business turnaround, and evolution – I help companies transform their selling motion, but also help effectuate change in all areas of the company that affect sales.
• Sales Culture – The right sales culture is the number one foundational pillar of any sales organization.
• Coaching – Job #1 of a sales manager is to coach the sales team. I have 18 years of successfully coaching teams and 30 years of overall selling experience.
• Sales Team Build - I will help you build, rebuild, or expand your sales team into a group of world class A-Players.
• Sales Process & Methodology – Instilling a disciplined approach to sales process and methodology is critical for any high performing sales team.
• C-level selling - Elevating how and to who your sale people sell. I coach how to sell business value and business outcomes to senior level decision makers.
If you are a small(er) business or a start-up, thinking about hiring your first Sales Vice President, a new sales VP, or considering part-time as an alternative to full time, I would welcome a 30 minute exploratory conversation. We can mutually determine if there is a collaborative fit.

1:1 Sales Coaching

Most sales coaches out there are really doing sales training + coaching, often up to 75% training and 25% coaching. They have a 10 step process for this, 5 step process for that, a “proven” system to help you 3x or 5x something, or a full proof method to help you join the 7-figure sellers club. Some of them are doing great work. Most are over promising. Few have a background in coaching salespeople as a sales manager in a real selling / corporate environment.My brand of coaching is solely 1:1 SaaS deal strategy coaching. I focus on topics you want to discuss, areas where you want to improve, and specific account deals you are engaged in. I will help you with and coach you on - account pursuit tactics, deal strategy, executive level selling, developing a point of view, business case creation, alignment of sales cycle and buy cycle, executive meeting preparation, demo preparation, managing vertically and horizontally within your company, or other areas on which you may want guidance.I have successfully managed and coached 100s of salespeople at some large marque brands like Oracle, midsize leading brands like MSC Software (part of Hexagon), and a smaller niche companies like iBASEt. At each of these companies I drove dramatic YoY growth by helping others(salespeople) be successful with many of them at each company having multiple career W2 years. I draw upon my years of successfully coaching salespeople to help you up your game.Why look for outside coaching? If you are reading this, you may have already come to your own conclusion or reasons for why on your own. The #1 job of the first line sales manager is to be a coach. However, your own sales manager may not view their role in this fashion or due to company culture, they may not have the time needed to truly help you. Other salespeople feel more comfortable having honest and open conversations about situations they are facing with a coach outside of their company.Send me an email to schedule a free 45-minute discussion about your unique situation.

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If you are interested in working with me or would like to schedule an initial conversation, please send me a note below or email directly to Len@3QSalesConsulting.com

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